Privacy Policy

We, CROPSECURE AGRI TECH PRIVATE LIMITED (‘Company’) a Private Company limited by shares, incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013), and having its registered office at H No 124, Kampasagar, Munirabad (R.S), Koppal, Karnataka 583234, represented by its Partners, where such expression shall, unless repugnant to the context thereof, be deemed to include its respective legal heirs, representatives, administrators, permitted successors and assigns. The creator of this Privacy Policy ensures our steady commitment to Your privacy about the protection of Your invaluable information. This privacy policy contains information about the online web-based product called the app-based product called “CropSecure” and the admin console called To provide You with our uninterrupted use of services, we may collect and, in some circumstances, disclose information about You. To ensure better protection of Your privacy, we provide this notice explaining our information collection and disclosure policies, and the choices You make about the way Your information is collected and used.

The “CropSecure” mobile app provides a platform for a company/Individual to help them run their farm operations in a very structured and disciplined manner. 

We integrate the farmer & farm operations/order and machinery services. The Company with its Mobile Application simplifies and assists in bridging complex operational challenges in farmer and farm management. The technology allows extensive farm data collection and farmer expenses for quick decision-making.

The Website/Application helps agribusinesses/farmers to bring transparency to their remote farm operations thereby monitoring progress every day and taking corrective measures immediately.



  1. “We”, “Our”, and “Us” shall mean and refer to the creators of this privacy policy.
  2. “You”, “Your”, “Yourself” and “User” shall mean and refer to natural and legal individuals who use the Website.
  3. “Website” shall mean and refer to and “Application” and “Admin console” shall mean and refer to all Android apps created by M/s Cropsecure Agri Tech Pvt Ltd.
  4. “Personal Information” shall mean and refer to any personally identifiable information that We may collect from You. For the removal of any doubts, please refer to Clause 2.
  5. The term ‘Products’ shall mean those products and software offered by the Company on the Website/ Android and Admin Console.
  6. The term ‘Service(s) shall refer to the services that We provide through our ‘Products’, including but not limited to Our software and Applications.
  7. “Third Parties” refer to any Website, website, company or individual apart from the User and the creator of the Website.



We are committed to respecting Your online privacy. We further recognize Your need for appropriate protection and management of any Personal Information You share with us. We may store the following information:

  1. Personal Data of the Customers and their Users, such as but not limited to the below. The type of personal data captured varies by customer as per their requirements
    1. Full Name
    2. Phone number
    3. Physical Address
    4. Id Photo
    5. ID proof details
    6. Family Details
    7. Gender
    8. Age
    9. Date / Place of Birth
    10. Use of cookies on the web
    11. Bank Account details
    12. Transaction Information
    13. Farm Documents
    14. Farm Details
    15. Farm Expenses
    16. Farm photos
    17. Crop Doctor
    18. Schemes related to farmers
    19. Irrigation
  2. Users to submit additional personally identifiable information in the Cropsecure system using a custom configuration module available in the system. You (customer) have the responsibility to ensure that only the minimum required information of Your users is captured using this module. The type of information stored in Cropsecure to better provide You (the customer) with Services, includes but is not limited to Farmer’s education, assets etc, Farmer plot information, Crop information such as nature of the crop, variety, number of acres of land etc., Practices followed during farming, Fertilizer and Pesticides applied on the crop, Harvest information etc.
  3. Geo-location Information is captured by Cropsecure. If You use certain features of the Cropsecure platform and website, we may collect information about the user’s location.  
  4. We do not store any information other than user ID in cookies. You may decline these cookies by changing Your browser settings if permitted. However, do note that this may impact Your experience in using the services.



We do not allow third-parties/individuals to display advertisements when You use the Website or Apps. We have no control over such external links present on the Website, which are provided by persons or companies other than us. You acknowledge and agree that We are not responsible for any collection or disclosure of Your Personal Information by any external websites, companies or persons, nor do We endorse any advertising, Products or other material on or available from such external websites or resources.

You further acknowledge and agree that We are not liable for any loss or damage which may be incurred by You as a result of the collection and/or disclosure of Your personal information by external Websites, sites or resources, or as a result of any reliance placed by You on the completeness, accuracy or existence of any advertising, Products or other materials on, or available from such Websites or resources. This external Website and resource providers may have their privacy policies governing the collection, storage, retention and disclosure of Your Personal Information that You may be subject to. We recommend that before You enter the external website, do review their privacy policy.


We will never use, process, sell, transfer or give any of Your data to a third party for any purpose without permission. However, you agree that we may use Your data in the following cases

  1. To enhance or improve Your User experience by presenting the content in an efficient manner for usage on our Site or Service.
  2. For analytical purposes, including but not limited to assessing usage data, usage patterns, and other similar activities.
  3. To send emails about our other Products or Services.
  4. Resolve disputes between You and CropSecure.
  5. Send email reports as requested by You.
  6. Send emails and updates about CropSecure, including news and requests for agreement to amended legal documents such as this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, or respond to inquiries.
  7. Perform any other function that we believe in good faith is necessary to protect the security or proper functioning of our Site or Service.
  8. Process transactions between You and CropSecure.


Additionally, we may give Your information to law enforcement if we are compelled to by a court order, if there has been a violation of any Indian laws or if a violation of the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy has occurred.

The data stored in CropSecure can be used for the below with Your consent.

Analytics:  To make our Services smarter, faster, secure, integrated, and useful to You. We use collective learnings about how people use our services and feedback provided directly to us to troubleshoot and identify usage, activity patterns and areas for integration and improvement of services.

Customer Support:  We use Your information to resolve technical issues You encounter, respond to Your requests for assistance, analyze crash information, and repair and improve our services.

Legal: CropSecure will also share information including personal information with individuals or entities to the extent it believes in good faith it is required to ensure compliance with law/ regulations and/or under enforceable orders of government, law enforcement or regulatory authorities.

Effective Provision of Services: We may share Your personal information with CropSecure employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information to provide Services to You and who are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and a code of conduct to ensure the protection of information and may be terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.


Users may in some cases be able to review and edit the personal information they have provided to us by logging into their account on the site and editing their account. To make these changes simply access Your account and profile.

Although most changes in information or data collection preferences may change, some information may stay stored on a browser’s web cache or in downloaded Excel documents. We take no responsibility for stored information in Your cache, or in other devices that may store information, and disclaim all liability for such.

Data Modification: The CropSecure Website allows You to modify Your data and make corrections/updates as necessary.  In case any data modification activity is required to be done, which cannot be done from the Website, you can drop an email to CropSecure cannot ensure all services would work as expected after data modification/deletion, as functionalities dependent on that data might not work in certain cases. CropSecure may deny data modification (if it is required for compliance with the laws of that country).

Data Portability: Data portability is the ability to obtain some of Your information in a format You can move from one service provider to another. Depending on the context, you may also be entitled to request copies of personal information that You have provided to us in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and/or request us to transmit this information to another service provider (where technically feasible).

In many cases, you can download Your data in reports as Excel/pdf. If You need any information which is not present in these reports you can drop an email to and CropSecure representative will help You with Your request.

Complaints:  If You wish to place a complaint about privacy requirements or laws, access any of Your Information or would like to update or correct any errors in Your User Information, please contact CropSecure at and also copy the data controller (customer who has collected the data) so that we can consider and respond to Your request. All requests will be addressed no later than 72 hours from the date such a request is made.

If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy or CropSecure handling practices, you may send an email to or send mail to: CROPSECURE AGRI TECH PVT LTD, H No.124, Kampasagar, Munirabad (R.S), Koppal, Karnataka-583234.


Your information is regarded as confidential and therefore shall not be divulged to any third party unless legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities, or if necessary to ensure Users may fully avail of the Services of the Website. We shall not sell, share, or rent Your personal information to any marketing agencies or any other such companies that indulge in unsolicited communications. Any communication by Us to You shall be undertaken under Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Data Base: CropSecure stores personal information on its databases and servers in various countries around the world. The Information that You provide, subject to disclosure under this Privacy Policy and license agreement, shall be maintained safely and securely. CropSecure databases and information are stored on secure GoDaddy servers with appropriate firewalls.

CropSecure uses industry-standard physical, technical and administrative security measures to safeguard all personal information, confidential and secure. We conduct periodic reviews of our security measures about our information collection, and storage, to guard against unauthorized access to systems. While all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that the information submitted by You is safe and secure, CropSecure makes no representation, warranties or other assurances that the security measures are adequate, safe, foolproof or impenetrable.


Although You are entering into an Agreement with CropSecure to disclose Your information to us, we do use third-party individuals and organizations to assist us, including contractors, web hosts, and others. We do not share personal information with other third parties at present, during the provision of our service to You. You agree not to hold us liable for the actions of any of these third parties, even if we would normally be held vicariously liable for their actions, and that You must take legal action against them directly should they commit any tort or other actionable wrong against You. Here is a non-inclusive list of third parties who we may share information with


Users may in some cases be able to review and edit the personal information they have provided to us by logging into their account on the Site and editing their account. To make these changes simply access Your account and profile. Although most changes in information or data collection preferences may change immediately some information may stay stored on a browser’s web cache. We take no responsibility for stored information in Your cache, or in other devices that may store information, and disclaim all liability for such. In addition, we may, from time to time, retain residual information about You in our backup and/or database based on existing contractual agreements. When a contractual agreement ends, your data will be deleted as per the agreed terms in the legal contract agreement.


We take certain measures to enhance the security of our Site and Services. However, we make no guarantees as to the security or privacy of Your information. It is very much so in our interest to keep our website secure, but we recommend that You use anti-virus software, strong passwords, routine credit checks, firewalls, and other precautions to protect Yourself from security and privacy threats.


You agree and undertake to indemnify us in any suit or dispute by any Third Party arising out of the disclosure of Personal Information by You to Third Parties either through Our Website or otherwise and Your use and access of Websites and resources of Third Parties. We assume no liability for any actions of Third Parties concerning Your Personal Information, which You may have disclosed to such Third Parties.


By providing information to the Site that forms the basis of communication with You, such as contact information, you waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited email from us, since You have agreed to such communication by providing Your information to us. However, you may unsubscribe from certain communications by notifying CropSecure that You no longer wish to receive solicitations or information and we will endeavour to remove You from our database where You have the right to request this under our Agreement, Privacy Policy, or applicable law, or where we voluntarily decide to grant the request.


Each paragraph of this privacy policy shall be and remain separate from and independent of and severable from all and any other paragraphs herein except where otherwise expressly indicated or indicated by the context of the agreement. The decision or declaration that one or more of the paragraphs are null and void shall not affect the remaining paragraphs of this privacy policy.