"When farmers thrive, the entire economy thrives".


Our Vision

“Empowering rural farmers and farm traceable using digital technology“.


Our Mission

“To connect rural farmers in a digital platform to succeed in their life”.

Core values

Core Values
  • Treating everyone with respect & Dignity.
  • Collaboration & cooperation.
  • Honestly & integrity.
  • Trust and credibility.
  • Empower and traceability.
  • Health, safety and environment.
CropSecure Agri Tech Private Limited company is recognized as a start-up by StartupIndia (DPIIT & Government of INDIA) and StartupKarnataka (Government of Karnataka). The company is working in” Agri-Tech" and "Agriculture Industry". The company was established on 4th Aug 2021, as integrated commodity management & technology solutions provider to help marginalized farmers adopt improved production technologies for better & quality products, and higher incomes. The company addresses the issues in a single platform for Multi purposes to rural farmers and government using digital technology. The idea of providing a digital platform for Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Animal Husbandry, Floriculture, Forestry, Fruits, and Vegetables came to Mr Harish Jain after facing problems when doing farming and marketing in the rural area last a decade. Rural small & marginal farmers were facing a lot of problems such as weather advisory, market linkage, equipment & inputs, crop damage due to natural distortions, soil health nutrition, pest infestation & diseases, crop insurance, health insurance to cultivators, and advanced technology information. Taking a resolution on doing his bit to prevent farmers’ suicides, enhance the productivity and profitability, Stable income of farmers and more practice in sustainable farming. Harish Jain set up CropSecure Agri Tech Private Limited an Agri domain start-up. The Founder & Managing Director (Mr Harish Jain) is extremely passionate about the Agri domain (Cultivated) and comes from very strong technical information (M Tech). Founder & Managing Director received the Indian Achiever Award from the Indian Achiever Form on 23rd May 2022. CropSecure Agri Tech Pvt Ltd's company name was confirmed for the 8th Global Choice Awards 2022 from Xel Research on 10th Jun 2022. CropSecure Agri Tech Pvt Ltd company bid team won the KPL-2022 Runner Prize on 23rd July 2022 at Register office village (Kampasagar).
Harish Jain

Founder & Managing Director